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Be brave little girl, you will transform

"You die for nothing,
if you do not live for something."

Nancy  - Transformation Coach

Unabashedly Me!

I know what it feels like to be painfully shy and insecure; to feel worthless and with no real purpose or reason to be.

I know what it feels like to be trapped in an emotionally abusive relationship with no idea how to get out.


I also know what it feels like to be free, confident and worthy.  To be joyous, exuberant and unapologetically me!

Hallo! I am Nancy, a Transformation Coach.

I know how all these things feels, because I lived through it and transformed

out of it.


Today, I help women to do the same.  To transform their lives one day at a time and to become the fabulous women they truly want to be!

Read my transformation story to get to know me better and find inspiration for yourself.

Be Brave. Transform

What do I mean with

Be Brave. Transform
You are a butterfly

Shake off your shackles! 

Move through your trauma, pick-up your self-worth, become the person you secretly, desperately want to be.

You do not know it or believe it, but those shackles weighing you down can be removed.  They have been placed there with your mind.  Learn how to use that same mind to remove them and become your true, powerful self.


Through Personal Transformation Coaching, your life can and will be changed.  

Be Brave, take the first step!


Free Transformation Tools

Use these FREE tools to kick-start your Personal Transformation

5 Fabulous

Transformation Habits

Your habits determine the quality of your life.


Transform your life

with one habit at a time.

Download the FREE guide.

One Week Workout


Transform your thinking, transform your life!

It is the small consistent habits that you have in life that determines the consistent quality of your life.


Download the FREE guide.

Connect with your

Inner Self

Wake up your mind and connect it to your body.

Create an intense awareness of "the self".

To be able to truly connect with others, you need to connect with yourself first. 

Download the FREE guide.

You are a butterfly

Inspire a Friend

Share the Free Tools


Your Transformation!

Be brave little girl, you will transform

Personal Transformation Coaching will have the single, most profound impact on your life.

It will Transform you into the person that you always, secretly and desperately wanted to be.

Your life can and will be transformed!


Read more about the Personal Transformation Program.

Be Brave. Transform
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Book a Clarity Call
Coach Nancy

Book a Clarity Call.  Meet me and see how comfortable you are with me and my coaching approach.

Get a clear picture of "where you are at" and the possibilities open to you.

See what you really want to change in your life and how to go about it.

You will leave our session with a sense of release and a true understanding that tomorrow can be better.

Everything in live begins with the first step.  Just take it!

Be Brave. Transform

My Style of Coaching

My style of coaching is without any frills or fuss.  

Always true and authentic.  I am myself - I do not know any other version.

This you will see reflected in the photo's used throughout my website, blog and soclial media presence.  All the photo's of me are natural pictures taken throughout my life. Nothing photoshopped, nothing staged. Authentic.


That is the same principle I apply throughout the coaching process. 

There is no space for a show.  This is your life and the time for a show is not now.  

Read more about the Personal Transformation Program.

Be Brave. Transform
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Messages from Clients

Be Brave. Transform

Transformation Coach for Women

I believe in women!

Women have the power to positively affect the universe around them. My passion is to show women that this is true!

I want women to discover the power they hold inside and  to use it to live fruitful and empowered lives.


I believe in our strength, our beauty and our vast abilities. 

I believe in Women.   


Be Brave. Transform

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Keep on Transforming!  

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